POWERSHIFT is a my answer to the my most frequently asked question. Beth, can you help me reset from a vacation I just returned from or recharge me to prepare for an upcoming event. Make no mistake- how we FEEL about ourselves is reflected in how we carry ourselves. If you feel energized, rested, and amazing- you will carry yourself in such a way. You will radiate! And that is the goal of POWERSHIFT. To achieve that GLOW at the 10 day mark- and beyond!

The following are POWERSHIFT program START dates for the remainder of 2019. The 2020 calendar will be posted in October. You can sign up for the upcoming session by visiting the Kitchen Shift shop and purchasing PowerShift (you will be guided through enrollment and will receive a welcome email) To place a hold on a future date, simply email me at beth@kitchenshift.com

2019 Dates for Power Shift:

July 24

September 4

October 9

November 13

December 4