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Shift & Shred Program

Overwhelmed by all the different diet and nutrition information out there? You know what to do- but just don’t know how to execute on it? You need to Shift and Shred. Join my 4 week program and make subtle shifts daily that will make a difference for years to come!

Concierge Cooking and Nutrition Instruction

This is a high caliber one on one experience.  Be prepared for a truly hands on experience in the kitchen with Beth.  This package is tailored to the individual and their needs and goals but often includes: one on one cooking lessons, grocery tour, pantry sweep, handouts and samples of digestive enhancing products used and carried by Beth

Power Shift in 10 Days

Power Shift is my 10 Day Reset and Detox program. This is a FULL THROTTLE ‘ALL IN’ 10 DAY experience. Please join me on a journey that will set you on the right path. One where you will flood your body with whole food nutrition, proper hydration and a balance of macro and micronutrients- with no tracking. Power Shift also includes an in home workout plan option!

Athletic Teams

Beth's passion for exercise and body movement has made her recognize the importance her diet has on performance and recovery.  You will never out-train a poor diet.  This holds even more true for the athlete.  She believes an athlete cannot perform at their best when their food choices are sub par.  Performance and recovery will always suffer!  Take your young athletes performance to the next level with Beth's nutrition instruction.